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in the kindtime, you can find her on putzing around the homespot..

A little about Lucy

Lucy is the name of a dream stove. You know the one.. double oven, 
griddle in the middle.. broiler.. old school. It's a dream I've had forever.

Seemed i was getting close to aquiring my very own Lucy,
when life happened. Resources once earmarked for the stove
were needed for other life and death expenses.
Now, it seems, some of you kidz want to help me realize the dream of Lucy.
and have asked me to set this up so you could use paypal. So here's that link. 
I must admit, having always been very independent, and sometimes quite stubborn, 
I still feel a little awkward about all of this. I thought about it for a long time, 
and realized i could accept this gift.  I am blessed in myriad ways, and have more than
so many,  am humbled by your kindness, and honored by your caring..

****Update  .. 2/11/2013

Ok, boys and girls, the search goes on..

to date there is about 240 or so in the Lucy fund.

Humble thanks and
Bright Blessings!

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